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Fariha Hanif (contact me at

Hi! My name is Fariha Hanif (she/her) and I’m currently a sophomore majoring in psychology at the City College of New York under the Macaulay Honors program. I grew up speaking English and Bengali, and learned how to read and write in Arabic as a young child. My goals for the future involve getting into PA/medical school while also creating my own nonprofit mentorship program for students who may not have easy access to higher education/other opportunities. My interests in helping the world move a little closer to equity stem directly from my participation in various social justice programs in high school. A few things I enjoy doing in my free time include cooking/baking, knitting, reading, and watching Netflix. Being someone who uses social media, I was particularly interested in exploring the relationship between the use of social media and the pandemic.

Fatima Warda (contact me at

Hi! My name is Fatima Warda (she/her) and I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology at City College of New York under the Macaulay program. I was born in Pakistan and moved here in elementary school. I grew up learning Urdu, English and Arabic but I consider Urdu as my first language. My goal for the future is to attend medical school and work towards getting rid of the stigma that surround mental health. I want to bring awareness about the importance of mental health and work towards providing proper education of the topic. In my free time I enjoy dancing and watching Netflix. I have been dancing since I was young so I find it as a stress reliever to dance and let my stress out. As a student and a young adult , I have seen the impact social media has had on my life. This is why I wanted to explore the depth of how social media is impacting our lives in a pandemic.

Mariley Almonte (contact me at

Hello, My name is Mariley Polanco (she/her) and I’m currently a Senior majoring in psychology at City College of New York. I am fluent in English and Spanish, but Spanish is my first language. I am the older and the first in my family to attend college. My goal is to finish my bachelor’s degree and continue on to work on my master’s in psychology, specifically focusing on children that struggle with learning and developing as well as adolescents with mental or social problems. In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures of the world around me, lakes, mountains, and the changing of the seasons. Additionally, I love to write, read, and spend time with my friends. As a young adult living through this pandemic, I have experienced how social media has impacted society to become a place where we could get information about everything that is going on around us.